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Vital Guide - Bombers of the 20th Century

Vital Guide - Bombers of the 20th Century
A handy guide to the bombers from WWI to the end of the 20th century. Jim Winchester's slim 110-page "Bombers of the 20th Century" finally shines the spotlight on these frequently neglected planes, ranging from the Depression-era Keystone biplane to the feared Nazi Stuka dive bomber of WWII all the way up to the Russian supersonic giant Blackjack and the feared American F-117 "stealth fighter" and more. Each aircraft is given a full-page entry with two photos, a specs chart, and development and operational narrative. Recommended to any afficianado of military aviation.
Auteur :Jim Winchester
Editeur :Airlife
ISBN :1-84034-386-5
Langage :English
Taille :14.50x23.10cm
Nb pages :110
Nb photos :50
Intérieur :Broché
Reliure :Softcover
Date de parution :00/07/2005
Tarif TTC
11,99 € / $ 13.55
Tarif Export
11,21 € / $ 12.66
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